“… We spent the entire day together, she finally showed me one home on the ocean, the minute I walked in, I said “we’ll take it!” So Beautiful … Joy owned it, Joy was the ladies name. I went back to Coldwell Banker with Mrs. Ani. She wrote up the lease, I signed and gave my money. Everybody just looked at me backwards as I said Ani is the one! She is my friend for life …” - WENDY B. DEAN

“… Ani Dermenjian surpassed every single expectation I had for her. When we decided to sell our home, Ani was quick to prove to us how much she wanted the listing and how hard she was willing to work for it. Before we had even decided on using her as an agent, she had managed to bring multiple prospective buyers to visit our home. She worked harder than I expected and was honest with us throughout the entire listing process, doing a fantastic job of proving to us that selling our home was her number one goal from day one.” - MATT PLATLER

“… It was about a year ago, you made our dream of owning a Malibu home a reality. As if that wasn’t amazing enough, here we are today, after purchasing our second Malibu home with you. We cannot believe how effortless you made both purchases for us. On this recent purchase, you immediately saved us hundreds of thousands, by negotiating a price we never thought would happen. You then followed up with every bit of detail, from soil reports, home inspections, repairs to be fixed by seller, etc. You shopped mortgage rates, got us financing and the most incredible loan rates, followed up with every little detail, told us all about the area and so on.” - JOHNATHAN EKIZIAN

“We recently enlisted Ani Dermenjian of Coldwell Banker to assist us with the purchase of a home. Throughout the process she was professional, responsive, and effective. We highly recommend Ani for any real estate needs.” - LINDA AND TONY ELLROD

“Working with Ani Dermenjian as our buyer’s agent, the experience was very pleasant and quick. Ani successfully negotiated terms of purchase which exceeded our expectations, expertly guided us through all the complexities of paperwork associated with the purchase of a new home. Ani’s honesty and integrity are most impressive qualities. Ani is professional and effective. Ani has been our guide throughout the entire process of buying our new home. Ani, thank you for making our dreams come true. We love our new home!” - NORA GOLLING

“… I wanted to take a moment to congratulate you on the wonderful award you received for your contribution to the community. I read the article in the Malibu Times and I apologize for being remiss in the mention before now. It is agents like you that help to make our company stand head and shoulders about the rest and I wanted to thank you for being part of our team.” - BETH STYNE

“… Ani was the perfect example of a Listing Agent making sure that she worked closely with me and my Buyer to overcome any obstacles that got in our way…particularly when we were faced with a Title problem that she painstakingly plowed away at to make sure that all the puzzle pieces fit in the end and that our Escrow closed on time… I’ve been in this business for many, many years and I must say it was such a pleasure to work with Ani as it was her tenacity that made this deal happen and her professionalism and attention to detail that closed it.” - PATTE GILBERT

“… Pete and I would like to thank you for all you have done for us in the past few years. Your continuous hard work and believable positive attitude helped us find a fabulous house to lease that ended up making us fall in love with Malibu. You then helped us with the purchase of our Malibu dream home. Throughout the escrow period, you handled everything professionally and thoroughly. We truly enjoyed the entire process and if ever there comes a time in the future for us to purchase another home, we would certainly look to you to help us make that happen.” - MICKEY LIDDELL

“… You and your team’s efforts from day one, when we started looking for homes, until even now, after we closed escrow, is absolutely amazing. You made sure we purchased at a fair price and received fair terms on all steps of the process. We have never seen such a smooth purchase.… In the end, you saved us tens of thousands of dollars on items we didn’t even know about. Your immediate responses to all our questions, your attention to every detail and your follow up, is second to none ...” - JOHNATHAN EKIZIAN

“… I want to thank you once again for the fantastic work you did in leasing our property. I can’t tell you how comforting it is to know that our rental property is in the hands of a true professional; a realtor that has unsurpassed Malibu market knowledge and experience, knows how to properly market a property, how to close a deal, and how to always put the client’s best interests ahead of her own. We truly appreciate the efforts you have made in servicing us over the years and look forward to working with you in the future for all of our real estate needs.” - TIM AND ANGELA ROONEY

“… With your help and hard work, you have made it possible for our company to find superior properties in Malibu. You have allowed us to further our business through your great marketing expertise and networking skills. For this, we are much appreciative.… Your knowledge of the market and drive in your field has surpassed all of our expectations these past years. You go above and beyond the call of duty and it shows in your daily life.… It is a privilege of mine, of ours, to be able to do business with you. You are an expert in what you do and we have greatly benefited from your success. Thank you for many years of vigorous work and true commitment.” - BEDROS ORUNCAKCIEL

“… But it’s the intangibles that make Ani a special find. As first-time buyers, we were a bit naïve and subsequently, rather nervous about the process.… She helped us set a good and fair price, marketed the house ferociously, drew in the exact right buyer within weeks of listing the house during a slow period in the market, and led us through the paces with great finesse.… Her business is not primarily about commissions, it’s about people in relationship to their homes. There’s probably nothing more important than home to most of us, and Ani never loses sight of that.” - JON & MAGDALENE BRANDEIS

“… This simple note represents Mahshid and I gratitude and appreciation towards you for all the efforts you endured in representing, marketing, and sale of our home. You recognized due to our circumstances we had to remove our listing from the MLS for four months, however, you pressed yourself to accommodate and tailored your efforts to meet of requirements. These conditions were harsh for any agent; however you are not an ordinary agent whose solely interested in commission and self-preservation. You became our friend, like a family member who was involved in our lives so most attention could be applied towards our needs. If there is a sadness in selling our dream home, the bright light is we found a friend in you. You are someone who we can count on for honesty, integrity, openness, rightfulness and a very intelligent and aggressive individual who’s goal was our goal.” - MAHSHID & SASSAN SOBHANI

“… For the 15 more or less years we’ve been doing business, your efficiency and effortless way of steering a detail phobic like me around problems is amazing. I just hope someone doesn’t snatch you up and take you to Washington to clear things up for them. We need you here! … As I’ve told you time and again, YOU’RE AN ANGEL.” - JUDIE STEIN

“… From day one we knew we were in the presence of a talented woman who had taste & style & passion for her job. Unexpectedly creative, her ads of our home took our breath away and & obviously worked, within two weeks we had results. Ani is a professional through & through, no detail large or small is ever overlooked, phone calls are returned promptly, appointments kept punctually & contracts written with each personal concern addressed. Aside from being totally thorough in her job capacity Ani is a warm considerate person with a cheerful positive personality & a kind heart.” - KAREN ARTHUR

“Ani Dermenjian has been the realtor handling the rental of my Malibu home for more than five years. Dealing with her has truly been a pleasure. She is hard working, professional and friendly. Ani has a way of dealing with sometimes difficult situations and turning them into positive experiences for all parties involved. Since I am a working professional woman, I have had to rely on Ani to handle the affairs of my rental. She has always been totally dependable and has protected not only my interests but my tenants’ as well. This is a sign of a true professional.” - LISA NEWMAN

“… For the past few years we had the pleasure working with you to acquire prime residential properties within the City of Malibu for investment and development purposes. You have helped us tremendously to reach our business goals and we are grateful for your association in helping us with the success of our company. Your professionalism and excellent work ethics combined with great personality has assisted us through all stages of real estate sale and purchase transactions. Your knowledge and know-how of the business goes far beyond the normal line of duty. You are a person with real talent that work very hard to satisfy your clients’ needs.” - KIRKOR SURI

“… I would like to give Ani Dermenjian the highest recommendation as real estate agent based on our recent experience selling our home in Malibu. …what puts her in a class of her own is her integrity and commitment. Her concern for the wellbeing of her clients comes first. This attitude is not just for show, but shows up royally when the going gets rough.… Once we made a sales agreement with a buyer, she did not relax her efforts, but kept pursuing each detail, making sure that everything was on target and never taking for granted that an action had been taken until she had reason to be sure. More than once she uncovered assumptions made by others that proved to be unwarranted.” - MARY G. WISHARD

“… Ani was ready to serve us from the moment we made first contact and that attitude has not swayed for even a moment. Because she was willing to listen to our needs, we located our new home the first day we went hunting. She helped us right through the closing and has continued to maintain a watchful eye of every detail, even a few of which are still being finished. All of this, despite the fact that our escrow closed almost a month ago.… This is a marvelous example of a true professional.” - ROBERT WOLFF & WENDY OIDA

“I wish to thank you for the enormous effort undertaken by Ani Dermenjian to get the Seaboard Road property prepared for sale and sold so quickly. In retrospect, we certainly made the right decision to list with Coldwell Banker, and particularly, in selecting Ani as our agent. It was Ani’s initiative, dedication to detail, and desire to get the best price possible for the property that made the whole thing work so well. I also wish to commend Coldwell Banker for the follow-through effort by Ani Dermenjian after the sale. Ani’s willingness to help out with resolving problems after the sale was an unexpected plus, and was much appreciated.” - MICHAEL EVANBAR

“We just wanted to let you know how pleased we were to have Ani Dermenjian as our real estate agent…. Throughout negotiation, the loan brokering, escrow and all the contingencies with the seller she stayed aggressively on top of everything in a friendly way that put us at ease. We never feared something falling through the cracks. The people she referred us to were helpful and really did the best for us just as she did. In all the give and take of all the different negotiations we felt she negotiated for us as if she were negotiating for herself, really getting the best for us.” - MAGDALENE ATHENA & JON BRANDEIS

“Just a quick not to tell you that Ani has worked on my behalf twice now renting my home in Topanga and it has been my absolute pleasure to work with someone who is not only smart and positive and terrific to deal with, but who has the tenacity and good business sense to do a job that makes and keeps everyone happy. In my professional estimation she is a rarity who has success written on her chosen path.” - JUDIE STEIN

“… Your marketing efforts to rent the property were flawless. Within days the property was listed to lease on all major online sites, local newspapers, magazines and most importantly all your efforts to make all local realtors aware of it. You evaluated all tenant prospects, by not only checking their credit report but verifying all information. The lease price and terms were excellent. The time and effort you put forth, to not only us but even the new tenants, is unheard of ...” - JOHNATHAN EKIZIAN

“… I had the pleasure of working with Ani about 1 ½ years ago. She is a very organized, thorough, informed, diligent and credible real estate broker. I have been in real estate business as a buyer since 1972. It is not an exaggeration that I have not seen an agent as good as Ani.” - DR. CHILUMULA R. REDDY

“… After going through all of the realtors in Malibu frustrated with their incompetence, we had just about given up hope. However, we stumbled upon by accident our saving grace, Ani Dermenjian. Within 24 hours, she showed us three houses which all fit our selection criteria. We were completely flabbergasted. The house we chose with her help is perfect…. Ani did her best and negotiated for us an unbelievable deal. We are 100% satisfied with our service we received and will recommend to friends and coworkers her services.” - KRISTEN A. CETIULO

“Ani Dermenjian was reputed to be a superb realtor. In a terribly difficult context, she proved to be vastly more than this - her unceasing efforts and ultimate achievements selling our home of 25 years were spectacular. She went far beyond anything one could rationally expect in every aspect of her work. She was not just supremely capable and professionally excellent, she compassionately rose above the worst obstacles.

Ani single-handedly rescued a disaster-in-progress, and under extreme time pressure transformed a scene of ruin and dilapidation into a much-coveted property - that sold at a crucial and wonderful price in just 5 days on the market. Throughout this effort she displayed persistence and patience and every facet of professional ability; of a deep and wide attainment of real estate artistry and craft. Her omnipresent mastery reflected decades of experience and passionate immersion and learning, and these reached a pinnacle in her unmatched understanding of the amazingly nuanced and intricate Malibu property market.

All of these attributes exist together in great abundance, in someone who is intensely caring and spiritually grounded, an extremely kind person who could always sustain great balance without evident effort; who was thus always a joy to interact with - no matter how difficult circumstances became. I hope I have conveyed there is a true jewel of ability available for those who require a realtor. In helping us so much and appearing virtually out of the blue when help was direly needed, Ani was quite simply a Godsend.” - DOC GAVIN

“Working with Ani on a recent purchase was the most positive real estate experience I have ever had. She was extremely knowledgeable in the process and successfully represented us in the transaction. Always courteous and professional, Ani knows her business and is an expert in Malibu. She made herself available to answer all of our questions and address our concerns. I highly recommend, Ani Dermenjian!” - SARINE CHITILIAN SAHATJIAN

“I highly recommend Ani for her services. She is hard working, caring, dedicated to her clients and gets the job done, 2 thumbs up!” - LINDA PETERS ELLROD

“Ani did a great job for us both leasing and eventually selling a large home in Calabasas/Malibu. She was also very helpful when we had some difficult issues with tenants. I would highly recommend her!” - TONY ELLROD